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Svetlin Dobrev

Co-Founder and Product Development, Notolytix

Svetlin started his career at Moneybookers (then Skrill and now Paysafe Group), where he met the rest of the Co-Founders of Notolytix (NOTO). He is a true operational guru and is able to come up with a working solution to complex issues in critical situations where time is of the essence.

Светлин се премества в Intralot и Rakuten между 2014 и 2015 г., където ръководи екипите за плащания и измами и работи за създаването и успешното прилагане на стабилна и ефективна практика за предотвратяване на измами и управление на риска.

Svetlin moved Intralot and Rakuten between 2014 and 2015 where he lead the Payments and Fraud teams and worked towards creating and successfully applying a sound and efficient fraud prevention and risk management practices.

Svetlin has been fully onboard at NOTO since June, 2015, shortly after the company was created. He leads the Product division and ensures that all features run smoothly, assisting existing users to use the platform as intended, advising customers on appropriate risk management practices, creating ad-hoc monitoring and prevention rules for platform users, providing risk and fraud management consulting services. NOTO helps anyone in payments to address all their Risk, Fraud and Compliance needs.