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Marina Shideroff

Founder of Fram Creative Solutions and Board Member of BASSCOM

Marina Shideroff is a visionary and a trailblazer in the IT industry with over a decade and a half of expertise in the digital realm. She is among the elite few who have created a thriving business in an incredibly challenging sector without relying on external funding. Her UX/UI company, Fram Creative Solutions, established in 2017, has been the driving force behind numerous groundbreaking digital projects that deliver seamless and intuitive User Experience, User Interface, Customer Experience, and branding solutions. Their designs always place the user at the forefront, and her international experience is shared with her entire team, leading to outstanding partnerships with over 350 companies from 21 different markets worldwide. Their portfolio includes responsive websites, innovative applications, and iconic branding for SMEs, Corporates, and startups in Europe, Asia, and North America. Marina and her team were recognized as the top UI/UX company in Eastern Europe for three consecutive years.