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Благодарим Ви, че присъствахте на тазгодишното издание на DIGI PAY 2021

Презентации на Лекторите от събитието - издание 2021г.


Maydell´s policy priorities include innovation and the use of new technologies,

Member of the European Parliament, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee

Topic: "New European policies and requirements - digital payments, digital identity and digital wallet"


Marcin Nadolny

Head of EMEA Banking & Insurance Fraud, SAS Institute ЕМЕА“ Институт SAS

Topic: "Live show for fraud prevention in digital world" в дигиталния свят“

Weder Souza 2

Weder Souza

Financial Crimes specialist, SAS Institute Институт

Topic: "Live show for fraud prevention in digital world" в дигиталния свят“


Svetlin Lazarov

Head of Digital Analysis and Open Sources Sector ГДБОП

Тоpic: "Trends in cybercrime in the field of payments"

Victor Stoyanov 1

Victor Stoyanov

Head of Remote Service & Digital Channels, UniCredit Bulbank


Д Алексиев

Dаniel Aleksiev

Deputy Director of Payment Services, BORICA

Topic: "How banks have changed in the direction of Open Banking. The benefits of the new InfoPay service, your new financial profile"
Filip Mutafis

Filip Mutafis

One of the founders of

Topic: „The challenges of Open Banking for the fintech sector”

Piotr Narczyk - Picture

Piotr Narczyk

Account Executive OneSpan, Central and Eastern Europe

Topic: "Customer Identification and Authentication in the Digital Journey"


Marina Shideroff

Founder and Chief Design Officer, Fram Creative Solutions



Merdihan Ismailov

Chief Digital and Information Officer, IRIS SOLUTIONS

Topic: „Open banking - new horizons for digital payments"


Alexander Stanev

Chief Operating Officer, Eurotrust Technologies

Topic: The new normal in the world of identification: the digital life of people and companies.

Neli Yolovska

Neli Yolovska

Sales Director, BORICA

Topic: "Тhe modern form of electronic identity, how and when it will be possible in Bulgaria"

Hristo Peev

Hristo Peev

CEO Motion Software

Topic: Бъдещето на децентрализираните финансови услуги- как да направим финансовите услуги по-сигурни като избегнем човешкия фактор


Svilen Stanchev

Svilen Stanchev

Sales Director, IBS Bulgaria
Ай Би Ес България (IBS)

Topic:“Combating fraud in the world of real time transactions. How to empower fincrime teams to ensure safety for banking customers and preserve user experience.” Да дадем повече права на екипите, за да гарантираме безопасността на клиентите и запазим потребителското преживяване“

Jordan Stoyanov

Jordan Stoyanov

Founder and CEO of PayMan Group

Topic: "Successful models in the payment business and customer experience"

Павел Георгиев 2

Pavel Georgiev

Co-founder and Deputy Head of Steering committee of the Bulgarian Association of Certified Ethical Hackers

Topic: „Hacking techniques for customer fraud - trends and development of phishing attacks“


Janet Naydenova

Chairman, Bulgarian Web Association E-Commerce Association

Тopic: "Challenges and benefits of digital payments for online merchants"

Milcho Hekimov

Milcho Hekimov

Co-founder and Member of Bulgaria Association of Certified Ethical Hackers

Topic: „Hacking techniques for customer fraud - trends and development of phishing attacks“

image001 (1)

Radoy Stoyanov

VP Financial Services, DIGITALL

Topic: "Lightning Network - a global open standard for P2P payments on Internet, which competes with card and bank payments"

Ivailo Mateev Cropped

Ivailo Mateev

Member of the Country Team of KBC Group for Bulgaria, Member of the Management Board of UBB, Executive Director Operations of UBB Операции на ОББ

Topic: "High level description of a program for payment security on a bank level"
Asen Taskov

Asen Taskov

VP Cyber Security, Paysafe

Topic: „Adversary Mapping for Proactive Cyber Defence“

Boris Goncharov

Boris Goncharov

Chief Strategy Officer, AMATAS

Topic: "Subverting blockchains: real risk or irrational hype"

Detelina Momcheva

Detelina Momcheva

Economic Director for Bulgaria, Settle
Angel Kanchev

Angel Kanchev

Founder and CEO, BRIGHT

Topic: "Fraud Management in the Age of AI"

Горан Ангелов портрет

Goran Angelov

CEO, IBS Bulgaria

Eduard Tsvetanov

Eduard Tsvetanov

CEO, Patterns Technology

Pavel Kaminsky

Pavel Kaminsky

PCI QSA, CISSP, CISA, CEH, Founder & CEO, 7Security Ltd.