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Svetoslav Dimitrov

Co-Founder, Board Member, Bulgarian Fintech Association

Being the Managing Partner of the law office was the emanation of my carrier path in Penkov, Markov & Partners. I did my best to continue the successful development of the legal practice of one of the biggest and oldest Bulgarian law firms more than 14 years.
Based on my background as a lawyer with experience and significant practice in regulated tech business I have started investing in FinTech startups a few years ago. My extensive interest in the field and my true believe that creating vital ecosystem is the right way for success were the reasons to become one of the founders of Bulgarian Fintech Association and to support all its activities. Now, few years later we see the Bulgarian FinTech ecosystem growing and evolving, therefore my efforts are focused on improving the environment hoping to see more Bulgarian based startups to become future unicorns. I am member of the Management Board of European Digital Finance Association.