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We will establish a bridge between the payment industry and the communities

I am trying to look behind the event horizon of the current cybersecurity landscape and what I see there is usually becoming our future. There is a clear need that we should share the visions and we need to focalize the enormous resources of the communities of experts. That share for DIGI PAY Blog Jasen Tanev, Co-Founder CyberClub.

The Advisory board is where I see the chance energy to be converted to synergy and together to shape the statements that for us are now and market and business even not expect. I am in the board because what I can bring in as valuable topics – Cybersecurity education, ENIS Competence framework, payment industry security standards (ISO, NIS2, PCI DSS) and the missing link between organizations -educators and individuals.

I expect our unique skills and competence to build the offering of topics and invited guest that will present the need of structured approach on innovation and digitalization. That will recognize and face there is no modern payment without integrated risk management and security standards and that cannot reach without skilled and skillful people.

I wish us to make the bridge and establish the search and delivery channel between the payment industry and the communities (CyberClub).